D. March 25, 2017


It was two years ago November 2016 when I uploaded my very first website. I know it wasn’t really the best looking site but it was huge for me back then. However, it is today November 13th, 2017 after long days and sleepless nights that I’m officially launching the new and re-designed (1.0.0.) website.

Even though I never developed a WordPress web page, I decided to give it a go and learn in the process.

Out with the old and in with the new!

The new website has a cleaner and nicer look… But also includes a blog feature which I decided to start out of curiosity and kind of knowledge base for myself and hopefully someone else. I’ll be sharing solutions to the problems I tackle, snippets and other stuff.

Although I’m happy with how it turned out, my to-do list keeps growing… Lots of new features are coming so you should definitely stay tuned for that.


C. Blogging

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